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Seeing old friends, some for the first time in 30-50 years can be an emotional and really gratifying experience. We have this at school reunions, but when the previous relationships were under hard working conditions including preparation for combat or combat itself, the reconnections become incredibly meaningful. This is what happens at 13th Bomb Squadron Reunions. One pilot reunites for the first time in 35 years with the navigator he flew 65 combat missions with in Vietnam and that reunion becomes electric. Similar happy events like this occur every year at the annual Association reunions which rotate to different parts of the country where members and their wives, family members and friends enjoy tours and happenings in each location and especially the camaraderie.

The last 15 gatherings of 13th Eagles took place in 2015 Branson, MO (entertaining shows and dynamic speakers), in Providence, RI ( Newport Tour, The Old North Church and Quincy Market), in Reno (National Car Museum and Bucket of Blood Saloon); before that it was New Orleans (World War II Museum), Washington, DC (Air Force Memorial Service), Tucson, (Pima Air Museum), Colorado Springs, (Air Force Academy), Hampton, VA. (F-22), Kansas City, (B-2), Dayton, (Air Force Museum), San Antonio, (River Walk), St Louis, (The Cards and The Bud Suds), Seattle, (Boeing Museum), Nashville, (Grand Ole Opry), and Abilene, TX. (B-1B).

Prior commitments prevented the 13th CO Lt Col Robert Makros  and some of his Reapers from attending the 2014 reunion. But our senior member, Ed Connor took the podium and gave us a first hand account of his World War II experience as an 18 year old gunner/radio operator in a B-25 at the beginning of the war in the Southwest Pacific. On one of the many missions he flew in New Guinea, his aircraft had been damaged and they were heading home over the mountains. To give them a chance to clear the range ahead of them, crew members threw out much of their equipment to lighten the plane - including guns from all the turrets except one. Immediately afterwards, they were attacked by three Japanese Zeros. Ed was able to man the remaining guns in the belly turret and successfully shoot down the first attacker and drive off the other two fighters, allowing the B-25 to clear the mountains and limp on home. For his heroism under fire, Ed received the  Silver Star medal and a lot of praise from his crew members. He also received a standing ovation at the end of his talk from all of the reunion attendees who were filled with emotions.

New Orleans Reunion 2012

For more information about the upcoming reunion, please contact:
James R.(Bob) Parks
3219 Tavern Oaks St
San Antonio, TX 78247


There were over a hundred shows to see and enjoy in the entertainment center of mid America at Branson, Missouri. During our September 16-20, 2015 Reunion we renewed our long-time friendships with old Reapers and enjoyed meeting new Reapers, some of whom had driven from Whiteman AFB to participate in our annual gathering for fun and friendship guaranteed. Branson plays host to many military reunions, and there were five going on in the Radisson Hotel where ours was held, along with many more going on nearby. All the shows we attended honored veterans in the audience and praised them for their contributions to our country.

As special as the shows were, the banquet was another great evening, with two speakers who kept our rapt attention throughout their presentations. Brigadier General Paul Tibbets IV, Wing Commander of the 509th Bomb Wing, and the former Director of Operations of the 13th Bomb Squadron, enlightened us on the operations and readiness of the two B-2 squadrons in the U.S. Air Force at Whiteman. He also gave us insight into some of the thoughts and philosophy of his grandfather, Paul Tibbets, Jr., who flew the B-29 Enola Gay over Hiroshima, Japan and helped end World War II.     

Our second speaker was Association member Jim Humphries who told us of the exciting deployment of the B-57G Canberras from MacDill AFB, Florida to Ubon Air Base Thailand in 1970. This plane had new, sophisticated targeting systems that produced a very high probability of kill ratio that hadn't been possible before in the Vietnam War. Jim has written a book on his experiences that details the professionalism of the men and crews flying combat during the 1970-72 period of the war.

This reunion will be well remembered by all attendees; but, if you missed Branson, mark your calendar now so you can take advantage of sunny southern California and attend the next reunion in San Diego, October 5-9, 2016. Many events are available there, and the next two Invader magazines in March and July will have the details.  

Following in 2017 will be the really big reunion: The 100th Anniversary of the 13th Bomb Squadron! and it will be held on the 13th’s birthday, June 14-17, 2017, at Whiteman AFB, Missouri. General Tibbets has invited us and you will not want to miss this special occasion.

In addition to reunions the Association supports the active duty 13th Bomb Squadron, one of two B-2 squadrons in the 509th Bomb Wing at Whiteman AFB, MO. On June 13, 2014 at 1313 hours, the command of the 13th was transferred from Lt Col Jeffrey (Opie) Schreider , the CO for two years, to Lt Col Robert (Stab) Makros. Association members were invited to attend and those that did were honored to be part of the traditional change of command ceremony. The new CO has been the Director of Operations of the 72nd Test and Evaluation Squadron at Whiteman AFB. He has flown two major weapons systems, the B-2 and the F-15E and has over 150 F-15E combat hours in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Southern Watch.

Prior to his current assignment Lt Col Makros was Chief, Aircraft Strike Branch at the Joint Functional Component Command for Global Strike, USTRATCOM at Offutt AFB NE.

During his two year command of the 13th BS, Lt Col Schreiner became the first CO to have multiple location deployments in the Pacific during joint and combined operations. Additionally the squadron earned multiple superior performance and outstanding safety awards under his command. He was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal for his accomplishments and has been assigned as the Department of Defense representative on a nuclear study panel in Washington, DC.



David H. (Dave) Regan will be buried at Arlington Cemetery on Monday, March 14, 2016 at 1 PM. His son Mike Regan has invited attendees who may be in town Sunday night to an informal dinner at his house. He will also be holding to a reception there after the Monday ceremony. Please contact Mike for further information at:
Mike Regan
8503 Camden Street
Alexandria, VA 22308
703 966-1665

August 2015
C.J. Brown, President
13th Bomb Squadron Association
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547

To All Reapers,
As many of you know, several of the Association's members, including me, recently visited Whiteman AFB, the home of the current 13th Bomb Squadron and its fleet of B-2s. We started the day with a meeting with Brigadier General Paul Tibbets IV, who is the current 509th Bomb Wing Commander, and who is himself a Reaper, having served as the Squadron DO earlier in his career. (I'll tell you.about this meeting later.)

One of the purposes of the trip was to present a pictorial history of the 13th to the current squadron to add to its historical collection of 13th artifacts, which we did at a 1513:13 squadron Roll Call. This part of the trip was preceded by an up-close look at the B-2; and it is an impressive sight. Before that was a trip to the simulator and a half-hour ride, including air refueling, a low-level penetration and a bomb run, then concluding with a visual landing back at Whiteman. The simulator is as close to the real thing as you can imagine.

The primary purpose of the trip was to meet with Gen. Tibbets and gain his support for the upcoming 100th anniversary of the 13th-which occurs on 14 June 2017. We could not have asked for a better response. Gen. Tibbets was eager to help as we discussed venues, quarters, celebratory ideas, participants, special guests, etc. I cannot reveal at this time whom one of the key participants may be, but each of you will be pleased if he accepts our invitation. In short, we settled on location-Whiteman AFB, MO, and the dates-14 June through 17 June, 2017. So mark your calendars and make your plans now. I will serve as the Association POC and, with help from all of the 13th Association officers, will assist the Wing POC with detailed planning. I will keep you posted as major milestones are complete.

During our stay, everyone in the Wing treated us like royalty, and spent a full day attending to our every request/need. Just so you'll know, the Wing and its two squadrons are in good hands, the leadership is top notch, the aircrew and the ground crew members are professional in every way; and they all seem to be very enthusiastic about their airplane and their mission. If all the units in the Air Force are this well prepared, and have this much esprit, then we are in good shape--at least from an Air Force standpoint.
Reaper Pride,

Perhaps the finest pictorial album ever assembled of the 13th Bomb Squadron was presented to Squadron Commander Lt Colonel Robert H.W. (Stab) Makros on July 24, 2015, in the squadron room, on the flight line, at Whiteman AFB, Missouri. The volume of three-hundred pictures begins with the inception of the squadron on June 14, 1917, and continues through nearly one-hundred years of aviation history, chronicling the famous unit known by the emblem of Oscar, the Grim Reaper.

This historic book is a gift created by 13th Association member Robert S. (Scott) Lindley, of Browns Summit, North Carolina. Scott's painstaking work began twelve years ago while he was a member of the A-26 crew, The Spirit of North Carolina—a crew that traveled around the country in a beautiful Invader aircraft with 13th Bomb Squadron markings. Since the plane was depicted with the color and emblems of the 13th, these flights were to show and inform the public of the role the aircraft and the squadron played in combat missions.

Upon receiving the album, Lt Colonel Makros, on behalf of the squadron, expressed his pride and appreciation in receiving this amazing document for the men and women of the squadron. He placed the book on the squadron coffee table, which is a B-2 nose wheel, on its side, with a glass top. The pilots stepped up around the table and were still looking through the pages of pictures an hour after the meeting had adjourned.

Scott’s hope that today's Reapers would be able absorb the squadron's ninety-eight year history, and feel a part of an even larger family of past 13th members, was certainly realized on that day, and his efforts will continue to inspire 13th members long into the future.

A second presentation that day, at the 1513 Squadron Roll Call, was the gift of an autobiography, An Airman's Story, by association member Edward D (Ed) Connor. Ed is our World War II Era Board Member who also flew missions during the Korean War in a B-29. He later served with the CIA, in Southeast Asia, and has written an intriguing book of his military experiences. Ed was the guest speaker at the 2014 reunion in Providence, RI and gave us a personal account of combat, including a mission in 1942, over New Guinea, when he saved his B-25 by shooting down one attacking Japanese Zero and driving off two others--a mission for which he received a Silver Star. All squadron members in attendance expressed their appreciation and thanks to Ed for his thoughtfulness and for his heroic service to our country. 

Joe Musso needs our help in restoring an A-26 (tail number: 44-35092). Joe is a Department Lead in the Restoration Division of the Weisbrod Aircraft Museum, at Pueblo, Colorado. He thought that this plane flew in the 13th Bomb Squadron out of Okinawa during World War II, and from Iwakuni, Japan, during the Korean War. Our research of the tail number confirmed his belief.

When the Pueblo Historical Aircraft Society, which manages and runs the museum, obtained the airplane, it had been stripped of most of its basic equipment in the gunner/radio section, the bomb bay and turret section, and the bombardier nose section. 

Because of cracked wing spars, the plane will not be able to fly again; however, it is the museum's objective to return the plane to an original version, as a static display appearing ready to go on a combat mission. On one side of the plane they want to show the historical background of the 13th Bomb Squadron, and the other side they will display aircraft and crew member items and memorabilia needed for the Invader mission.

Joe has asked association members to help him complete this project. He needs missing parts for the listed sections of the aircraft, correct paint and marking details, nose art of the fuselage, aircraft pictures (on the ground and in combat), and a life-size Oscar for display.

Our president, Charley Brown, has authorized Joe to use the information on our web site: 13thbombsquadron.com for his research. Charley also asks that any member with information that might help Joe with this project to please contact our Korean War Era Executive Board Member, Ron Jarrett -- Ron is coordinator for this project, and will relay all information to Joe. Please contact Ron by E-Mail: rjarrett654@gmail.com, or by Telephone: (605) 880-9866


Washington, DC Reunion Pictures

Rhode Island Reunion Pictures


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