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Our next reunion will be September 18-22 at the Hampton Inn in Boise, Idaho. Boise residents Pam and Roger Bauman are helping Myrtle and Bob Parks plan another outstanding reunion for us there.

Seeing old friends, some for the first time in 30-50 years can be an emotional and really gratifying experience. We have this at school reunions, but when the previous relationships were under hard working conditions including preparation for combat or combat itself, the reconnections become incredibly meaningful. This is what happens at 13th Bomb Squadron Reunions. One pilot reunites for the first time in 35 years with the navigator he flew 65 combat missions with in Vietnam and that reunion becomes electric. Similar happy events like this occur every year at the annual Association reunions which rotate to different parts of the country where members and their wives, family members and friends enjoy tours and happenings in each location and especially the camaraderie.

The last 18 gatherings of the 13th Grim Reapers took place at Savannah, GA, and at the Mighty 8th Air Force Museum. 2017 was the unforgettable 100th Birthday/Reunion of the 13th Bomb Squadron hosted by B/Gen Paul W. Tibetts IV, commander of the 509th Bomb Wing, and Lt Col Matthew R. Newell, squadron commander, in 2016 San Diego (visit the USS aircraft carrier Midway, take the San Diego/Old Town trolley tour and a harbor dinner cruise), in 2015 Branson, MO (entertaining shows and dynamic speakers), in Providence, RI ( Newport Tour, The Old North Church and Quincy Market), in Reno (National Car Museum and Bucket of Blood Saloon); before that it was New Orleans (World War II Museum), Washington, DC (Air Force Memorial Service), Tucson, (Pima Air Museum), Colorado Springs, (Air Force Academy), Hampton, VA. (F-22), Kansas City, (B-2), Dayton, (Air Force Museum), San Antonio, (River Walk), St Louis, (The Cards and The Bud Suds), Seattle, (Boeing Museum), Nashville, (Grand Ole Opry), and Abilene, TX. (B-1B).

For more information about the upcoming reunion, please contact:
James R.(Bob) Parks
3219 Tavern Oaks St
San Antonio, TX 78247

At 1313 hours on April 13, 2018, Colonel Brian Gallo, commander of the 509th Operations Group, Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri announced the consolidation of its two B-2 squadrons, the 13th and 393rd Bomb Squadrons into one combined squadron, the 393rd BS. The 13th retained its title of Bomb Squadron and assumed the mission of B-2 Combat Training which the now inactivated  394th Combat Training Squadron had performed at Whiteman for the past 22 years.

Lt Colonel Geoffrey Steeves, former commander of the 394th assumed command of the 13th BS which will train and prepare all B-2 crews to deliver  the nation's most strategic nuclear and conventional weapons.

Lt Colonel Nicholas Adcock, commander of the 393 BS (The Tigers) stated that this squadron is the only unit in our nation's history that has employed nuclear weapons in war.  He went on the say that The Tigers hold a special place in history. We hope to live up to the expectations of those who have gone on before us and hope to make those who follow in our footsteps proud to be Tigers as members of the most lethal aviation squadron in history.

Looking ahead, the 13th BS, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in June 2017 may become one of the new B-21 bomb squadrons now being developed for the United States Air Force. Former 13th commander Lt Colonel Matthew Newell, turned over his command to Lt Colonel Steeves and has been reassigned to Garmisch, Germany. Click here for Lt Colonel Steeves biography.


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